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Martin's Chair, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is a place where time seems to stand still.   Where rough-hewn plank floors, hefty wooden beams, and bare barn siding complement the simple elegance of 18th-century-design wood furniture.

 Everyone at Martin's Chair believes that quality craftsmanship means combining the best techniques of the old and new. At the manufacturing facility in New Holland, Pennsylvania,  they use modern machinery to precision cut and shape fine hardwood parts. Each part is then carefully fit together by skilled craftsmen, who then sand and finish each piece to perfection.

 Martin's Chairs are so well-made that they have become family heirlooms, passed on from generation to generation. They also have made their mark in the museum world. From use in the Guggenheim Museum to the White House and the Inn at Colonial Williamsburg, furniture made by Martin's Chair is among the finest designed in the world.

Linger just a little while through the pages of our site. Imagine spice-scented rooms filled with the bustle of family living. Discover how our wood furniture and accessories, handcrafted from the techniques handed down  by generations of Lancaster County artisans, could bring a taste of Early American home life to your family.


Each piece has a little of John in it.

John Martin, that is. You could call him many thingspresident, entrepreneur, master craftsman, artist. He likes furniture-maker the best (next to Dad and Grandpa). It isnt unusual for John to personally inspect each piece that bears his name, adhering to his own measure of quality, which he terms, fussy.

John E. Martin, Jr., was a boy of 11 when his dream began. Working at odd jobs for a Lancaster Country chair-maker, he learned to use the lathe and turn the legs of chairs according to time-honored traditions. By the time he was 19, his dream was well under way when Martin officially bought the chair-making business from it's owner, Christian Good... for just $1. Since then Martin's Chair Inc. has become synonymous with some of the finest quality-crafted furniture made in America.  


Time-honored techniques, handed down from generations of Lancaster County craftsmen.

Solid wood, including oak, cherry, maple, poplar, and curly maple.
The hand of the artist: mortise and tendon joints, hand-drawn tooling marks, dovetailing, oak steam bendings, hand sanding, and hand-rubbed finishes.

Furniture built in Pennsylvania has always been valued for its quality and refinement. With rich resources of fine lumber and skilled craftsmen, the elegant furniture of Pennsylvania has found its way to homes throughout the world. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington rested in chairs built in Pennsylvania as they met to sign the Declaration of Independence. They all knew the value and character of Pennsylvania craftsmanship.

So, if you ever visit the workroom and happen to see someone with a big smile and a tape measure dangling from his belt, say hello. Its probably Johnthe man who had a hand in building your heirloom.



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